Welcome to Mobile's Battleship Rugby Football Club

We are glad you found us! We are a rugby club consisting of Senior Men's, Senior Women's, U19, and U12 teams competing across the Gulf Coast and Southeast. Founded in the late 70’s, Battleship Rugby is the only rugby organization in the Mobile Bay area. We have been competing on multiple skill levels and across multiple divisions for every year since 1975; and whether you are new to rugby or new to the Mobile area, we want to invite you to learn this sport by becoming a player or fan now.

photo from 2014 True South DIII Championship in Huntsville, AL

Mission Statement

To ensure the furtherance and development of rugby in the community by increasing awareness of and participation in the sport. We do this by promoting physical and social activities that develop the core values that lie at the heart of the game.

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We are going to have another work day tomorrow, July 23rd at 9am to remove some debri and move some dirt on the field at Brookley. Need to bring wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, water, beer, snacks. Possible beach trip when we are done. Make sure you sound off with a comment if you are or not able to come help out. ... See MoreSee Less

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Gents / Ladies,

First, a Huge Thank You to all Old Boys, Members, and Supports who have donated money and/or time to our new rugby field at Brookley.

We are now at a crucial moment and call upon everyone and anyone to come out to Brookley this Saturday. Donate your time and be proud of the finished product when Battleship takes the field for the first time and the many years to follow.

Beer/Water/Lunch provided. Drinks, pub crawl, shenanigans later. Let's build our field and team together.

Saturday 16th - 8a - Brookley Field

With You,
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3 weeks ago  ·  

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there in rugby country. Take some time to relax and spend time with the family today. It's back to work tomorrow. #everydayisarugbyday ... See MoreSee Less

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Code Of Rugby

Play to win - but not at all costs.
Win with dignity, lose with grace.
Observe the Laws and Regulations of the game.
Respect opponents, referees and all participants.
Reject cheating, racism, violence and drugs.
Value volunteers and paid officials alike.
Enjoy the game.
This is RUGBY!

Core Values


Who Plays Rugby?

Everyone! Let’s go over a list of athletes and see how they can fit in playing rugby:

Are you a football player? Then you are hungry for a score and you are already hard-wired for impact. Hopefully, you will already have a team mentality and recognize the importance of player positioning. The transition to rugby should be natural, as long as you understand that you are no longer protected by equipment and that you must make some adjustments to the way you tackle. You must also get used to the fact that play does not stop just because someone gets tackled or the ball goes out.

Are you a wrestler? Then you know that in order to win, you must be aggressive and score early. The ability for a team to set the pace of match often ensures them the desirable outcome. The proximity of opposing players and the limitations of gravity ensure that this sport will come naturally to you. Tackling and rucking are all about recognizing your position and playing your strengths.

Are you a soccer or basketball player? Then you know what it is like to sprint back and forth between the goals playing both defense and offense. You may not have experience with the physical contact that is apparent in rugby, but you are already light years ahead of most other new players because you are always focused on the position of the ball and where you need to be to make the next play. Learning to tackle is much less intimidating once you realize that none of the players are protected by equipment and that players are trained in safer tackling techniques.

Are you a swimmer, or in track and field? Then your stamina and endurance will make you instantly successful on a rugby pitch (aka rugby field). Knowledge of the game is important, but after 80 minutes of hard physical activity, your ability to keep going will often lead to multiple scoring opportunities as other players get winded.

Are you a baseball or tennis player? Then your hand-eye coordination is key to your success. You will have more to learn than other new players that already have experience with physical contact. But if a more physical game is what you are looking for, rugby might be what you are missing.

Never played a sport before? It doesn’t matter. Rugby might be a perfect start. And rugby has much more to offer than 80 minutes in the game. Rugby will take every bit of energy out of you in under 80 minutes, but it can also give you a lifetime of enjoyment and many lifelong friends to share it with. Rugby players leave it all on the pitch; but when it’s all said and done, they get so much more in return in the way of friendship, camaraderie, and personal satisfaction!

Everyone regardless of physical prowess or athletic achievement is invited to learn and play rugby!